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Taliban Relief Paintings and Crude oil Silk Screens at London Aubin Gallery

Piers’ Taliban Relief Paintings were featured in Culture 24:

When Piers Secunda went to Kabul in search of bullet holes to cast, the painter-sculptor decided to be even more specific than his previous endeavour, when he persuaded Chinese soldiers to fire shots at a sheet of paint.

Rather than those left by NATO and other security forces, he was determined to find ammunition remnants from Taliban weapons, using witnesses and the local police to confirm two sites where suicide bomb attacks had taken place.
Secunda has spent 15 years pushing paint as a “fully operational sculptural material”, and the story behind the works in this show – created directly from bullet holes made during an attack on and around a car which killed the drivers and marked the surrounding walls – mean his claim to be compelling is no idle description.

“With the materiality of the work being harnessed to articulate his political views, we have his most powerful series to date” suggests Stuart Semple, the founder of The Aubin.

“I feel absolutely privileged to have the opportunity to show this in the gallery.”

The Aubin Gallery, Redchurch Street, London. Open Wednesday-Saturday 11am-6pm (5pm Sunday). Admission free.