Bound No. 3 2008 (Detail) Industrial floor paint and household paints 46 x 35 x 28cm

Mob Remedies @ Gallery Primo Alonso,

Piers Secunda’s installations at Gallery Primo Alonsa in Cambridge Heath were featured in Paul’s Art World.

The visibly non-commercial Primo Alonso – just east of the Hackney City Farm – has been run rather heroically against the odds for three years now by young artists Angelica Sule, Paul Murphy and Richard Gallagher. In this typically adventurous installation guest curator Piers Secunda (born 1976) shows a new work made from some half a mile of wires sculpted with paint. He’s joined by Lothar Götz, who gives the show an architectural stage through colour blocks on the walls; Natasha Kidd, who pumps paint round the space like a vital fluid; and George Barber, who shows a film of action painting carried out by cars. It’s an uplifting totality: not a canvas in sight, but full of the joy of paint and colour unlimited by any such constraints.

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